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Ben Fama Jr. is an award-winning filmmaker, podcaster, and entrepreneur noted for his work on his short film A Virus Called Fear and his documentary Reasons To Believe. He has been featured in Huffington Post and his films have been featured on PBS,, and IndieFlix. Ben’s films and talks reflect the social and psychological behavior of humans and their social constructs on society. He is a very outspoken skeptic and atheist, as well as an advocate for mental illness. His goal is to challenge the way we think and see the world, as well as what we believe.


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Mesa has produced three award winning films with Ben Fama Jr. including two documentaries and a narrative. She holds a degree in psychology and uses her knowledge to build lasting relationships with cast and crew. She brings a unique balance to all the productions that they've worked on. She also assists as the sound tech on occasion. She continues to produce and manage Fama Media Productions alongside Ben Fama Jr. 


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