Directed by Ben Fama Jr.
Produced by Mesa Fama

Documentary; 63min

Reasons to Believe is a compelling documentary film by filmmaker Ben Fama Jr. that delves into the mysteries of human belief.

From religion and spirituality, to conspiracy theories and political ideologies, the film explores the reasons why people believe in things that may not align with reality. Why is it so difficult to change people's minds, even when presented with facts?

Fama turns to leading experts in fields such as science, philosophy, neuroscience, psychology, and more to provide a deeper understanding of the psychology and science of belief. Through thought-provoking interviews and engaging visuals, the film examines the intricacies of perception, memory formation, and indoctrination in the human brain.

The film is led by renowned experts in the field including Michael Shermer, Peter Boghossian, Jennifer Whitson, Caleb Lack, and Chad Woodruff, who provide valuable insights and perspectives on the topic: Why do we believe?